Domestic workers: how much is the next salary adjustment and when it is paid

Domestic workers: how much is the next salary adjustment and when it is paid

The month of July is a time of the year when most of the private activity workers usually have a salary adjustmentwhich is perceived in August.

This is the case, for example, of the domestic workersalthough in this 2023 will have to wait a few weeks to know how much that correction will amount to and therefore for the payment.


Employers and workers in this sector of activity had agreed a two-year agreement in mid-2021, which expired on June 30.

The negotiations for the renewal of that agreement, and therefore to determine the new adjustments will begin in the coming weeks.

The guideline suggested by the Executive Branch proposes a salary correction of 2.8% retroactive to July 1. That is the percentage of inflation expected for the second semester.

In any case, it is worth remembering that this guideline is a basis for negotiation. Employers and workers can establish other types of conditions if they agree.

Corrective for inflation

The other element that is defined is the payment of the corrective for past inflationwhich takes into account the difference between the salary adjustments granted and the registered inflation, in the period from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

This corrective will be 0.88%, according to calculations of The Observer, and it must be made effective next month on the remunerations in force as of June 30.

Your payment has already been ratified in minutes of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) last Thursday.

As a consequence, the industry minimum award from July 1, it went from $25,541 to $25,766, for 44 hours a week and 25 monthly wages. And the value of the minimum award per hour went from $134.4 to $135.55.

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