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Domestic trade in Cuba: a wailing wall

Havana Cuba. — Absorbed in the important tasks of continuity, creative resistance and awareness raising, the Party comrade in Central Havana was surprised when a woman shouted at the top of her lungs: “The boardwalk without water!”

The official did not know that the name came from an always empty market. He dreamed of himself as Moses, leading the battle-hardened people across the sea and freeing his compatriots from misery.

Would the US “genocidal blockade” end thanks to the drought on the boardwalk? Wouldn’t more bridges of love be needed?

But the Malecón without water is not a fashionable song or a joke for April Fool’s Day, but another argument for the national wailing wall: the tragedy that domestic retail trade is for the population.

The Malecón without water is a state market on Galiano street, in Centro Habana. Five products are dispatched there, according to sales cycles and by the ration card, that document with name, address, codes and dates that Cubans have used since 1963.

Chicken, detergent, sausages and soybean oil are the five products of yore, which do not have to coincide in space/time, like the Hopscotch of Julio Cortázar, because in some way that coincidence would be an assault on the understocked table of the Cuban.

In addition, the possibility of coincidence in the current circumstances of distributive chaos and social inequality is nothing more than another of the innocents of our experienced bureaucrats: one day there is no refrigerator, another there is no container, the third day the factory can break. detergent, or there is no fuel for the truck that brings the merchandise.

They promote this market as one of the resounding achievements of this period of “reorganization” for eliminating the organizational structure of the long and endless queues to buy.

The Fight against Coleros (LCC) It began at the beginning of 2020 as an operation promoted by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero with the aim of persecuting and punishing informal market intermediaries, but it became a criminal and corrupt architecture. Officials from the Ministry of the Interior, government officials and the municipal Communist Party, TRD bureaucrats, not forgetting the supply companies and truck drivers participated in it. A long chain that affects the population with the high prices of the black market supplied by this mafia.

The authorities also boast about this market to improve order for citizens in general, and the vulnerable in particular. However, the products are not sold to the families of vulnerable people. They must physically present themselves to acquire what exists, they must also attend, in the case of the disabled, with letters from the constituency delegate and the president of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution.

The more than ten measures made public by the Governor of Havana, Reinaldo García Zapata, to organize markets like the “Malecón without water”, only further bureaucratize the domestic trade system, and create systems controlled by other systems and in turn by others to infinity.

It brings to mind those social workers injected by Fidel Castro, and controlled by Otto Rivero, to try to control theft and corruption, and who ended up being more thieves and corrupt than their predecessors.

Finally, the New Man, more similar to the one portrayed by Mikhail Bulgakov in dog heart that Che Guevara aspired to.

Initiatives not to joke on April Fool’s Day, but to collect more tears from this people fed up with so much whim, and deposit it on our national wailing wall.

Like Moisés in front of the Red Sea, Karel Leyva, a handicapped man who lost a leg in the Ethiopian war, faces the Malecón market without water, waiting for its doors to open without the corruption and bureaucracy that eats away at his personal economy and prevents him from accessing the promised food.

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