Dollar today: what is the price of Friday, August 5 in Uruguay

The dollar opened the day this Friday, August 5, with a value of $39.45 to buy and $41.85 to sellaccording to the price of the Banco República (BROU) board.

On trend, this figure is just shy of the one recorded on Thursday, when values ​​of $39.70 and $42.10 respectively were recorded.

How much is $1,000 Argentine pesos in Uruguayan pesos?

On the other hand, the Argentine peso is trading this Tuesday at $0.05 for purchase and $0.35 for sale, according to BROU information.

The market reacted favorably after the announcements of the new superminister of Economy, Sergio Massawith a marked rise in Argentine stocks on Wall Street and a drop in the “future” dollar.

The blue dollar, in that sense, opened the day this Friday with a price of $286 for purchase and $291 for sale, according to the Argentine economic newspaper El Cronista.

This makes $1,000 on the neighboring shore trade at $143 Uruguayans at the blue exchange rate or US$3.5.

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