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Dollar today: how much is the foreign currency trading for this Saturday, June 25

Dollar today: how much is the foreign currency trading for this Saturday, June 25

While the dollar regulated continues its progressive escalation in the official market, the parallel currency scored its third streak of stability at the close of Friday, by not registering ups or downs in the exchange houses of the City of Buenos Aires.

For its part, the Central Bank (BCRA) closed the business week with a negative balance by disposing of 95 million Dollars of your reservations in foreign exchange, bringing weekly sales to $250 million. Meanwhile, between Tuesday and Wednesday, the entity accumulated some 11 million in purchases.

Throughout the month, BCRA sales rose to 400 million dollars.

This is how the dollar is quoted in the official market

This morning, the dollar regulated is in the Banco Nación (BNA) at $123.05 for the purchase and $129.05 for the sale, after posting a slight advance of 5 cents in the official market. Meanwhile, in private banking, the US ticket is around $121.98 for the purchase and $129.23 for the sale per unit, although this value varies depending on the entity to be consulted.

In the case of dollar solidarity or saver, the currency that is made up of the official value plus 30% of the COUNTRY Tax and 35% of the Income Tax, is today at an average sale of $212.93 for each ticket. Similarly, in private banking the value of this currency varies.

The wholesale dollar is trading at $123.86 for purchase and $124.06 for sale.

stock market

In the stock markets, the price of the dollar Cash with Settlement (CCL) remains stable and unchanged since Thursday. Thus, The currency intended for the purchase of shares on foreign exchanges is achieved at an estimated sale price of $237.13 per unit.

Meanwhile he dollar MEP or Bolsa, the exchange rate used to invest in the national market, is also stable this Saturday when it is sold at the same price as yesterday: at $230.11 for sale.

Parallel market

Finally, in the parallel market, the dollar blue closed the wheel on Friday with its third consecutive streak of stability after registering no ups or downs. At this time, the informal is listed in the caves of the City of Buenos Aires at $221 for the purchase and $224 for the sale.

In this way, the exchange gap between the official and the parallel remains this Friday at 80.2%; this, according to the survey of the digital portal Dollar Sí.

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