Dollar is trading stable but continues below $4,600

Dollar starts the week with a slight drop but above 4,900 pesos

After several days of strengthening the dollar, on February 20 the foreign currency fell slightly in the early hours of the day. At 9:04 a.m. the coin registered an average price of $4,898.08.

That is to say20.86 pesos below the TRM of the day that is located at $4,918.94. It should be noted that this Monday the movements are the ‘next day’ market because it is a holiday in the United States.

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However, at closing it was again above 4,900 pesos and registered an average price of $4,914.43. With a drop of 4.51 pesos compared to the TRM.

The value of opening day was $4,895.00. Likewise, the maximum value of negotiation has been $4,925 and the minimum of $4,880.

Alejandro Correa, Academic Director of Investopi, the finance academy for non-financiers, affirms that the outlook could be favorable to make investments with the currency and predicted that the Colombian peso could have a devaluation closer to the average of the last 10 years, “which was approximately 15%.”

In other words, having a conversation in dollars and making an investment in this currency would be an excellent decision for the pocket, contrary to allocating resources to products such as CDT, among others, from traditional banking.“, held.


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