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Dollar starts the day this Wednesday below $4,800

Dollar starts the day this Wednesday below $4,800

The dollar in Colombia is located this Wednesday below the level of $4,800 and thus registers its second consecutive day of losses this week.

According to the Stock Market, The foreign currency is quoted at this time (9:00 am) at an average price of $4,783, that is, it falls 21 pesos against the TRM of the day, which is $4,804.

US currency It moves in a trading range between $4,803 and $4,770in anticipation of the decisions of the Fed.

World markets are awaiting the decisions made by the US Federal Reserve on whether to consider pausing its rate hikes due to banking uncertainty.

The Fed will decide this week whether to change its monetary policy amid the uncertainty in the banking sector that has generated the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank.

If they rise, it would be the ninth time that it has done so since March of last year, when the US central bank began to increase the official interest rate with the aim of curbing runaway inflation.


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