Price of the dollar in Colombia is once again below $4,400

Dollar price remains unstoppable: it closed above $4,700

The dollar in Colombia remains unstoppable. This Tuesday, after the holiday bridge in October, the US currency reached a new historical average price. In addition, it also exceeded its maximum intraday price.

(Deficit, uncertainty and Fed, the cocktail that erodes the peso).

This Tuesday, October 18, the foreign currency closed at an average trading price of $4,747.54. That is, 110.71 pesos above the Representative Market Rate (TRM) of the day, which was $4,636.83.

Throughout the day, the price of the currency was presenting a progressive rise. At 9:10 am, the foreign currency traded on average at $4,692, that is, it rose 52 pesos against the TRM.

(Dollar skyrocketed, reached the third highest record in Colombia).

At 9:43 am, its average trading price was 4,704.84 pesos, 68.01 pesos above the TRM. Y at 10:04 am, trading was reached at 4,715.75.

After 11:15 am, it registered an average trading price of $4,730.13. Then, at 11:40 am, it was trading on average at $4,737.45; and at 12:57 pm, at $4,746.82.

According to the Stock Exchange, the foreign currency reported an opening price of $4,685 and reached a maximum price of $4,794, his intraday record in history. For its part, the minimum price was $4,665.20.

(The reasons that led the dollar to the highest price in history).

During 2022, the dollar in Colombia has risen around $700. The scenario of a possible global economic recession that could affect the country, the continuing rise in interest rates in the United States to combat inflation and the persistent war in Ukraine that affects the prices of various inputs remain the main factors of the international situation that influence the dollar market.


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