Dollar drops to R$5.37, but rises 0.85% in the week

Dollar drops to R$5.37, but rises 0.85% in the week

On a day of moderation in the financial market, the dollar fell, but ended the week with a slight increase. The stock market, however, retreated for the third time in a row, and reached the lowest level since the end of September.Dollar drops to R$5.37, but rises 0.85% in the week

The commercial dollar ended this Friday (18) sold at R$5.375, down R$0.027 (0.5%). The quotation fell further in the morning, reaching R$ 5.32 at the low of the day, around 9:30 am. The fall, however, lost strength during the session.

With today’s performance, the dollar ended the week up 0.85%. The quotation is far from the maximum observed yesterday (17), when the currency reached R$ 5.53 at the beginning of trading. In November, the US currency accumulates a high of 4.04%.

The stock market had another day of losses. The B3 Ibovespa index closed at 108,870 points, down 0.76%. The indicator started the day high, but reversed the movement at the end of the morning and started to fall. In the week, the Ibovespa accumulates low of 3%.

Investors remain attentive to the processing of the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the Transition. Delivered to Congress on Wednesday night (16), the text removes up to R$ 175 billion from the spending ceiling for maintaining Bolsa Família at R$ 600, the payment of an extra R$ 150 for families with children up to 6 years old and excludes up to BRL 22 billion in excess revenue that can be used for investments.

With the processing of the proposal, Congress can reduce the value of the PEC, at the moment at R$ 197 billion, or stipulate a deadline for the exclusion of the social program from the spending ceiling. The possibility that the negotiations could alter the text presented had a good effect on investors.

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