Dollar drops to R$5.10, even with tensions in Ukraine

Dollar drops to BRL 5.40 as investors sell currency

The financial market experienced a mixed day this Wednesday (13). The dollar started the day higher, but reversed the trend and fell, with investors taking advantage of recent appreciations to sell currency. The stock market spent most of the day on the rise, but did not resist international pressure and ended below 98,000 points.

The commercial dollar ended the day sold at R$5.406, down R$0.033 (-0.61%). The quotation reached R$ 5.46 in the first moments of trading, but the currency fell after the opening of the North American market. During the afternoon, the price reached R$5.36, but the pace of decline slowed until the currency closed above R$5.40.

With today’s performance, the dollar accumulates a high of 3.27% in July. In 2022, the currency drops 3.05%.

In the stock market, the day was marked by volatility. Despite rising for most of the day, the Ibovespa index, on the B3, closed the day at 97,881 points, down 0.4%. The fall in US stock markets and in the price of several commodities (primary goods with international quotation) influenced the Brazilian stock market. The indicator is at the lowest level since November 4, 2020.

Financial markets around the world echoed the announcement that annual inflation in the United States (US) reached 9.1% in June, the highest level in four decades. The data indicates that the Federal Reserve (Fed, US Central Bank) will continue to raise interest rates to contain inflation. Higher rates in advanced economies encourage capital flight from emerging countries such as Brazil.

Against the dollar, investors took advantage of the release of US inflation data to sell the US currency and pocket recent gains. On the other hand, the increasing possibility of recession in the United States and in several European economies caused the price of commodities to fall and brought pessimism to US stock markets.

*With information from ReutersDollar drops to BRL 5.40 as investors sell currency

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