Dogs and military are honored by AMLO after rescue efforts in Turkey

Dogs and military are honored by AMLO after rescue efforts in Turkey

The National Secretary of Defense highlighted the work of Proteo, a rescue dog who died in Turkey.

“Our great companion, the dog Proteo, deserves a special mention, who with courage and determination located two of the four people rescued by the Mexican delegation alive, in addition to locating two of the 37 bodies recovered. for this contingent and who unfortunately lost his life fulfilling his mission.

“For military personnel, this fact represents dying in acts of service, thank you for your heroic work,” he said.

The Military Police Corporal Juan Carlos Villeda Márquez and Proteo received the Performance Distinction for Humanitarian Aid from President López Obrador; Second Military Police Sergeant, Fernando de los Santos Méndez and Territorio, who located one person alive and recovered 10 bodies; Corporal Military Police, Rodolfo Martínez Martínez and Balanceo, who rescued one person alive and located seven victims.

A total of 24 women and 126 men from the Sedena, the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Mexican Red Cross, participated in the rescue efforts, in addition to 10 canophile pairs specialized in the search and rescue of people.

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