Documentary on the work of Fernando Pérez premieres at the Gibara Film Festival

The documentary The music of life. the cinema of Fernando Perez and the Cuban realitydedicated to the life and work of the renowned Cuban director, had its world premiere at the XVI Gibara International Film Festivalwhich takes place in the Cuban province of Holguin.

Directed by the Swiss Beat Borter, who shared the writing of the script and the production with Delia Coto, the film approaches the work of the director of such important films as Madagascar Y Havana Suite. It is a collaboration between Ojalá-film and the ICAICin which four collaborators close to Fernando take part: the late photographer Raúl Pérez Ureta and the actors Laura de la Uz, Isabel Santos and Luis Alberto García, refers a report of the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

The music of life It is a “beautiful and necessary approach” to the life and work of Fernando Pérez and, at the same time, to Cuba and Havana, and its inhabitants, the city where the filmmaker was born in 1944, adds the medium.

Borter, who died in June 2020, reviews his childhood, his beginnings in seventh Art, Cuban daily life in different stages, and how it permeates all of Fernando Pérez’s cinematography. The documentary then becomes a “sincere tribute” to the one who is recognized as one of the Cuban filmmakers most important contemporaries.

The audiovisual edition was in charge of Pedro Suárez and Borter himself, and had the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE), which cooperated in the digitization of part of the work of the author of Clandestine and Madrigal led by Borter, adds the ACN.

Delia Coto, present at the premiere in Gibara, assured that for Beat this was her most important and most precious project, since “it was born from a deep friendship and admiration for the work and life of Fernando Pérez,” she said, quoted by the media .

“Fernando was a teacher and mentor for Beat, always an inspiration and more than a friend, a brother, so permeated by that mutual trust, this infinite conversation passes marked by the curiosity and inquiry of someone who was a great student of Fernando’s cinema. , of Cuban art and culture in general”, he added.

In addition, Coto expressed the purpose of thanking Fernando’s generosity and sincerity in this delivery and his worldview as a filmmaker and as a human being. He also extended his thanks to ICAIC, COSUDE and the filming and post-production team that made the film’s premiere in Giba possible, after six years of work.

Beat Borter was a jury member of the Gibara International Film Festival, collaborated for years in visualizing Cuban cinema in Switzerland and undertook film projects such as the documentary life is filming (1998), chronicle of the shooting of the film life is whistlingby Fernando Perez and I know of a place. Music and life of Kelvis Ochoa (2004).

Cinema: more than 40 films from 15 countries at the Gibara International Festival

The premiere of the documentary about the outstanding filmmaker is part of the extensive program of activities of the current edition of the Gibara Film Festival, which will take place until August 6, including a dialogue on the current challenges and projections of acting work, which featured the participation of prominent film and television figures from the Island.

In the theoretical forum “Word of an actor: between reality and desire”, moderated by Néstor Jiménez, the actors René de la Cruz, Bárbaro Marín, Tahimí Alvariño, Alicia Hechavarría, Denys Ramos, Félix Beatón and Amalia Gaute, shared about their current jobs and the challenges that the pandemic stage imposed on the profession, reports the agency.

In the coming days, the theoretical forums will focus their sessions on film curation and programming in alternative festivals, a space in which important international event programmers will debate their experiences.

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