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Doctors will suspend services to other insurers

Médicos suspenderán servicios a otras aseguradoras

Following its plan to fight against the Health Risk Administrators (ARS), the College Medical Dominicano (CMD) and the Specialized Medical Societies announced this Tuesday that they will suspend consultation services and elective procedures from Monday, November 14 and for an indefinite period to Mapfre ARS.

At a press conference, the head of the health group, Senén Caba, reported that ARS Monumental in the north, Renacer in the south and Simag in the east will also be affected by region.

He stressed that members of these insurers will be served through direct payment and with the new rates of medical societies that will apply as of December 1.

“We notify the ARS and the National Health Service (SNS) that henceforth the services offered to patients of the contributory regime in the establishments of the public network must be billed and paid individually to the health professionals and not included in the modality of package or agreement of umbrellas to the hospital”, he indicated.

He declared that on Thursday and Friday of next week medical services will be paralyzed in the eastern region and Santo Domingo.

He also said that the call for a great national march for November 30 in search of inclusive social security and in favor of patients and those who care for them is maintained.

It is recalled that several weeks ago, the doctors intensified their claims against the insurers by disaffiliating themselves from ARS Universal.

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