Doctors establish dialogue with the Government and hope that they will attend to their 14-point petition

Doctors establish dialogue with the Government and hope that they will attend to their 14-point petition

Representatives of doctors, health workers and private clinics set up a dialogue table with the Minister of Health and SportsJeyson Auza, with the purpose of reach an agreement that meets your 14-point requestafter a year of protests and demonstrations.

The president of the Bolivian Medical College, Luis Larrea, thanked the minister for his willingness to start a dialogue, but reminded him that they sent 10 letters requesting a meeting for just over twelve months.

We want a dialogue within the framework of respect, we will not make a show of anything, but here is our petition document and we want to begin to touch on it point by point (…) We have the position that today we can come out with something that interests us, after more than a year of sending 10 letters to you so that you can attend to us ”, he stated.

For his part, Minister Jeyson Auza indicated that he has the will to find points of agreement in his petition, and said that he hopes that the meeting will be purposeful and will come to fruition. Furthermore, at the beginning of the meeting, He maintained that the 14 points of the request sheet of the Medical Association will be analyzed.

“We want to greet the words that manifested that they are coming to this dialogue table with a complete openness to solve the different difficulties that have been had, to have not only demands, but proposals. In that sense, we also express our total openness to dialogue because our main concern as a Government is to protect the health of the Bolivian people”, stated the authority at the beginning of the meeting.

Among the demands of the sector of the doctors sand find the increment of items, the annulment of the Health Emergency Law, the institutionality of workers, the payment of wages, among others.

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