Do you want to be a programmer? Learn how to apply to the 100,000 scholarships offered by Egg

Latin America needs to invest in talent to boost the in the region, according to a study by (IDB), published in 2021. Within this talent that is considered necessary, programmers appear in the first place, responsible for the creation of programs and applications that improve the lives of people, as well as organizations, and, therefore, contribute to the economic development of different countries.

Today, in the labor market there are ample opportunities for programmers, in a software industry that generates more than a million job openings per year throughout the region. For this reason, companies offer more and better benefits to those who are trained in the area.

There are myths that that it is necessary to be an expert in logic or mathematics to learn to program, which is totally false. Ignacio Gomez Portillo, co-founder and CEO of Egg, a technology companyprovides five recommendations to take into account to banish this myth and be the best programmer:

Keep in mind that to learn programming no prior knowledge is requiredbut a lot of desire and perseverance.

Work on capacity building to solve problems, adapt to changes and constant learning.

Strengthen your soft skills such as teamwork, assertive communication, leadership, among others, which are emphasized during the training offered by Egg, thanks to its learning system based on cooperation.

Identify your needs or those of your business to be able to choose the best branch within the programmer training.

Define the specialty within programming in which you would most like to develop, such as: web development, creation of databases for information systematization, etc.

The advancement of technology, which was also accelerated by the pandemic, is leading society to need new and better programs that solve everyday problems, for which it is necessary to have programmers, people who understand the language with which They handle computers and have enough knowledge to give them the correct instructions to meet the objectives that are set.

100,000 scholarships

For this reason, Ignacio Gómez CEO of Egg, invites all interested people to apply and participate for one of the 100,000 scholarships offered by the company, to perform the Course Programming from Scratch totally freefrom the following link ().

“Anyone can learn programming if they put their minds to it and dedicate the necessary time to it. In addition, at Egg we have created a collaborative online education system that allows those who receive training to form part of a unique cooperation network in the world, so that they will not only learn programming, but will do so side by side with people from all over the world. Latin America which, without a doubt, will enrich the experience”, he stressed.


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