Do you have a business?  Take note of these 4 tips to manage it efficiently with digitization

Do you have a business? Take note of these 4 tips to manage it efficiently with digitization

The for sale to the public, not being , they run the risk of making erroneous calculations when charging or delivering changes, they may also not know the stock of the products, consequently bringing a more cumbersome service. A business that is managed in a similar way does not allow the visualization of results, a fundamental task to project the growth of any enterprise.

In this sense, Tivendo, a Latin American startup that is positioned as one of the fastest growing point of sale software in its first year and that today already operates successfully in Peru, offers some key advantages and recommendations of digitization for the immediate business growth

  1. Achieve greater control over sales and better inventory management, which is essential to grow and generate more profits. Digitization also consists of visualizing and analyzing data in a simple way, in order to know how much you need to sell next month to achieve the expected profit, which are the most successful commercial premises, among others.
  2. Save timewhich allows increased productivity, cost savings of other tools or supplies and personalized attention to its customers, notably improving the user experience.
  3. Calculate discounts faster by generating a sale and obtaining the totals automatically. In addition, an updated sales report is obtained in a single click.
  4. Choose the right platform. , for example, enables the streamlining of processes so that businesses can comply with all regulations much more easily. In addition to venturing into the world of Ecommerce and seamlessly combining it with face-to-face sales, thus having control of what is offered, purchased and profits, offering customers a more personalized, fast and efficient service.

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“The confidence of entrepreneurs in Tivendo is based on the security of the information, the speed of the system, the possibility of always being in contact with a professional through the support chat and being backed by an implementation team that can adapt the system to customer needs”, said Estefany Camacho, commercial manager of Tivendo.


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