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DNCP advocates good planning so as not to run out of cancer drugs

The former commander of the National Police Pastor Alvarenga and his wife are facing an oral trial for alleged illicit enrichment.

Fiscal agents Natalia Fuster and Luis Piñanez, from the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes, represent the Public Ministry in the Oral Trial that began against the former commander of the National Police, Francisco Pastor Alvarenga Núñez, and his wife Mirta Evelina Rotela accused of Illicit Enrichment .

The case had been opened after finding indications of non-correspondence with the defendant’s income as a public official and his assets. The trial continues with documentary evidence.

In October 2016, the Public Ministry presented the accusation and required that the case be elevated to Oral Trial. The investigations showed that, within the framework of the last ten years, the defendant registered a disproportionate increase in the assets, which comprise his patrimony and that do not match his legitimate economic possibilities, for which it was concluded that said increase was achieved in a illegal and taking advantage of the public function.

The aforementioned excessive equity increase consisted of the acquisition of multiple motor vehicles, the purchase of a tractor, a zero kilometer vehicle, as well as the corresponding payment of a substantial insurance for it. It highlights the purchase of various goods and real estate; apartments located in different buildings in the city of Asunción, ranches of several hectares, multiple plots of land, and, among other circumstances, the participation of one of the members of the couple as a shareholder in a security company.

Alvarenga, upon being appointed commander of the National Police in 2013, made the corresponding declaration of his assets to the Comptroller General of the Republic, declaring real estate for a value of G. 226,000,000. However, in 2015, upon leaving the aforementioned position, he declared having real estate for G. 2,400,000,000.

Likewise, the person now indicted in the period from October 2005 to March 2015, had a total income of G. 1,124,580,247, in the exercise of public function, according to the personnel file of the National Police, informed by the personal services division of the administrative directorate. Also included are the loans obtained from the cooperatives Coomecipar and 8 de Marzo, to determine the total income for the period, all this deducted from the concept of retirement.

However, according to the investigations, their expenditures total the amount of G. 2,667,176,480. This equation resulting in a deficit of G. 1,542,596,233.

Likewise, in the concluding brief it is stated that, “Mirta Evelina Rotela, an official appointed to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, with a salary of G. 3,360,000, for which reason it is clear that it is absolutely impossible for her to acquire expensive goods and in large quantity.

The woman, also between October 2005 and March 2015, had income of 755,734,863, meanwhile an expense of 1,261,628,371, representing an unjustified deficit of 505,893,508.

The anti-corruption prosecutors carried out various investigative procedures such as raids, expertise, testimonials; among others, that allowed the formulation of the accusation against the defendants and argue with them that they had a typical conduct, unlawful, reprehensible and therefore punishable.

Currently, the former commander is serving a 4-year sentence for diverting fuel that was assigned to the institution he was in charge of.

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