Diversion of funds in Vitacura: CDE takes action on the matter and decides to file a complaint against former mayor Raúl Torrealba

The State Defense Council (CDE) decided to file a complaint against the former mayor of Vitacura Raul Torrealba (ex-RN) and other people in his circle of trust, within the framework of the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office for the diversion of money in the municipality.

The complaint –for the crimes of embezzlement of public funds, tax fraud and undue distraction– is directed against Torrealba, Jose Renato Sepulveda Nebel, Antonia Larrain Prieto, Domingo Prieto Urrejola –the last three belonged to the circle of trust of the ex-mayor–, Augusto Cesar Silva Silva Y Arnaldo Canas Gonzalez.

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“The unanimous decision of the collegiate body is based on the information that, to date, it has had in view of the investigative file and that would account for the execution of various mechanisms for the theft of large fiscal resources, the purpose for which the defendants would have acted in concert and repeatedly,” the CDE said in a statement.

The State Defense Council specified that the counselor Alberto Espina did not participate in the decision. “He was disqualified for legal reasons from hearing this matter, in accordance with article 12, number 3, of Law 19,880, that is, due to a bond of friendship with one of the defendants,” they indicated.

Let’s remember that the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Torrealba for money laundering and embezzlement of public funds.

The case began after the current mayoress of Vitacura, Camila Merino (Evópoli), detected last year irregularities in municipal development programs (Vita programs) during the Torrealba administration. For this reason, he filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against all those responsible.

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