Dissidents attacked the Army in El Tarra, more than 2,500 minors were left in the middle of the combat

Dissidents attacked the Army in El Tarra, more than 2,500 minors were left in the middle of the combat

In the municipality of El Tarra, North Santander An attack was recorded against the military base located in this town. According to a military source, the events occurred around 4:20 in the afternoon when men belonging to the dissidents undertook an attack with explosives and shots against the installations where the soldiers are sheltered.

Very close to this site were more than 2,500 children and their parents as the celebration of Children’s Day was taking placethe moments of joy that the minors spent ended up becoming a scene of terror due to the passage of bullets and the strong explosions that occurred.

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In several videos it is observed how the children and adolescents had to throw themselves on the ground to protect themselves from the shots. The parents who accompanied the minors had to arm themselves with courage to be able to safeguard their children, since the confrontation lasted several minutes.

Product of the armed confrontation a minor, a municipal official and two soldiers were injured, they were transferred to the city of Cúcuta.

“Saddens, full of impotence, of uncertainty of as the illegal armed groups and also the Public Force fired indiscriminatelys internally within that armed conflict they have, leaving in the middle to the civilian population that has nothing to do with this” noted a parent.

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On the other hand, Juan Carlos Quintero, from the Peasant Association of Catatumbo (ASCAMCAT) told RCN Mundo that “This is a situation that seriously violates International Humanitarian Law, we continue to insist and demand from ASCAMCAT that those who confront each other in the region respect the DIHM, that respect the minimum humanitarian, that they have expressed are accepted and will comply. In this sense, we sympathize with the families of the affected people and wish a speedy recovery to the injured.”

We consulted the National Army, through the Second Division, and they stated that they would rule on the incident in the next few hours.

For your part the Mayor’s Office of El Tarra rejected these actions that put the civilian population at risk.

“From the Municipal Administration, in charge of the Mayor Yair Díaz Peñaranda and the social manager Maura Yalitza Ortega, any act of violence that threatens the welfare, the integrity of the civilian population, especially our boys and girls. For this reason, the Municipal Government calls on state and non-state armed actors to keep civilians out of any war action, which under no circumstances can be the object of the same, “said the Mayor’s Office on its social networks.

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