Dissident telephone operators demand the departure of Hernández Juárez, “because he is corrupt and a traitor”

Dissident telephone operators demand the departure of Hernández Juárez, for corrupt and traitor

Cesar Arellano Garcia

Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday, August 3, 2022, p. fifteen

Members of dissident groups of the Telephone Operators Union of the Mexican Republic (STRM) demonstrated near the National Palace to demand the departure of Francisco Hernández Juárez, who has been controlling the organization for 46 years.

They reproached President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for having stated that the union leader is an honorable and good leaderwhich is why they requested a hearing for a delegation to deliver the documentation so that they know the atrocities committed by Hernández Juárez and his family.

At the rally, dissidents set up sound equipment and unfurled banners that read: Telephone operators in defense of the collective labor contract, Francisco Hernández Juárez, 46 undemocratic years in power without defending the workers because he is corrupt, a traitor who has the support of the Ministry of Labor. They also painted on the ground with the phrase: Telephone operators in defense of labor conquests.

José del Refugio Cano, from the Union of Telephone Operators in Struggle and Resistance, read a statement in which the dissident union members rejected the share plan with which they intend to capitalize at the expense of the workers’ pensions.

He also reiterated that “bad leaders were always protected by governments prianists and Francisco Hernández is no exception. Those of us who sympathize and support the 4T do not understand the support or accolade that you have given it and that, in our opinion, shows great contradictions with your nation project.

He added that they have delivered a series of documents to the Presidency denouncing the complicity of some labor authorities “with the charrismo union. We hope that your statements and position on the matter are due to disinformation. For us it is vitally important to inform you of all the irregularities and setbacks since Hernández Juárez became the general secretary of our STRM, especially since the privatization of Telmex in 1990. We have written to the Presidency and held meetings outside the morning conference without find answer”.

For this reason, they insisted that they continue demonstrating outside the National Palace until they are received by the President of the Republic.

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