Dismantle criminal organizations in Panama, Darién, Panama Oeste and Colón

The National Police in conjunction with the Public Ministry dealt a heavy blow to criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking, which used the Pacific routes and ports for the transfer of drugs, operations such as Tocumen and Patria were carried out in different sectors of the country.

During the development of Operation Tocumen, developed in West Panama, Darién and Panama seized a firearm, 557 ammunition, 2 suppliers, technological equipment, 3 ballistic vests, three boats and eight vehicles, in addition to the sum of $8,210.97 dollars in cash. .

19 people including lawyers and former public officials were also arrested. Two are of Colombian nationality, there is also a man considered to be the leader of the criminal group.

Meanwhile, in Operation Patria, in the province of Colón, 4 raids were carried out in various sectors, with 4 people being apprehended, three men and one woman, all Panamanians. We seized 1,511 packages of suspected drugs, in addition to seizing 2 vehicles. They highlighted that today in the province of Colón they seized 8 firearms.

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