Disappeared in the DR |  Where is Dahury Alcántara?

Disappeared in the DR | Where is Dahury Alcántara?

As people prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Fiona, the first major cyclone to hit the Dominican Republic since 2004, dahury alcantaraa 39-year-old man, left his home in the Claret sector, National Districton Monday, September 19 at 2:30 in the morning, without their identity documents and without a cell phone.

Three days later, the body of a person who allegedly jumped into the sea with suicidal intentions appeared, the rumor immediately circulated that it was Dahury, however, his family denied this information: “Dahury is still missing.”

In conversation with his brothers Maria and Edward Canario Alcantarathey indicated that they were called by the authorities to identify a body with similar characteristics to their brother, however, upon arrival at the morgue they realized that the lifeless man was not Dahury.

With the users of social networks who did not continue to share his disappearance because there was no denial until this publication, the Canario Alcántara family has kept calling the authorities in search of answers, until now they have only obtained the “we are investigating”, he deplored Edward, who demands forceful action to find the whereabouts of his brother.

dahury alcantara He has three children, ages 15, 13, and 9. He was separated and lived with his mother and brothers on Guayacanes street in the Claret sector of the National District. Before he disappeared, he had been unemployed for a month.

According to Edward, his mother mourns Dahury’s absence every day and it is not explained what could have happened to him or why he decided to leave at dawn without his cell phone.

María Canario Alcántara defines her brother as a sociable person. Edward says they were very close. He would sometimes react in a bad mood for no apparent reason, but she never identified his behavior as indicative of mental problems.

Because of his friendly way of being, Edward finds it strange that Dahury has not talked to him or his closest friends about topics that could stun him.

“It is a situation that one does not know, talking to psychologists is that one realizes that he was showing signs of depression, but we take it as something normal,” explained.

Because Dahury left his cell phone behind, his family turned the device over to authorities, but no information was found leading to the reason for the mysterious early-morning departure, Edward explained.

The Canario Alcántara family requested access to the 9-1-1 surveillance cameras to follow Dahury’s trail, but three months after his disappearance, “the authorities have not revealed to us what they found on those cameras, they do not tell us anything , only that they are investigating”, lamented Edward.

How to help

Dahury’s relatives came to offer a reward of 10,000 pesos for whoever helps them find him. So far they have not received anyone’s whistle to find their possible whereabouts. Call 849-341-2487 and 809-722-0273 if you have valuable information about Dahury.

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