Disappeared in the DR | Víctor Manuel Mejía suffers from schizophrenia

Disappeared in the DR | Víctor Manuel Mejía suffers from schizophrenia

Victor Manuel Mejiaaffectionately called “Uncle Pepi”left his residence in the Simón Bolívar sector, in the National District, to throw out the garbage on August 10, 2022, later he continued walking towards the route he used to take when he had seizures. schizophreniabut he did not come back again.

His sister Deysi Esperanza Mejía said that that day, at 6:00 in the morning, his brother got up and began to grumble and that his last words were: “I’m leaving, I’m leaving and no one will see me.” He followed him out of the house with the garbage bag and a backpack.

“He had been quiet for a month or so, he didn’t leave the house, but suddenly he got up and left”Deysi Esperanza Mejia Sister of Víctor Manuel Mejía, disappeared

Uncle Pepi He is 63 years old, of whom he has been suffering from mental illness for more than 20 years. Her family only knew of one significant relationship before she fell ill, but she had no children. His sister recounts that, despite the fact that in his youth he was very “enamored”, his health condition made it impossible for him to “make a family”.

In these 20 years suffering schizophrenia, Uncle Pepi he had tried to stay active at work. He did masonry work, blacksmithing, but he was cut off every time the disease played a trick on him, added his relative in a concerned manner.

Tío Pepi lived in his mother’s house in the Simón Bolívar sector. (PHOTO: EXTERNAL SOURCE)

“He used to get flukes as a bricklayer and a blacksmith’s assistant, but when he had a crisis, he didn’t want them not to send him to do anything, he became aggressive and abandoned his job, that’s why my brothers decided to keep him at home medicating him. ”, he indicated.

After learning of his diagnosis, his mother took care of him. He was medicated and isolated in a room with all the comforts that his family could give him, Mejía said. However, after the death of his mother seven years ago, Pepi began to leave the house more often and had more crises of his illness.

A younger sister took care of him instead of his mother. It was not an easy task, Deisy indicated, Don Pepi was very helpful but when he had a crisis “he was very conflictive.”


The search for Víctor Manuel or Uncle Pepi has been ineffective. The family filed a complaint with the authorities, but in four months they have found no answers.

Mrs. Deysi said that as a family they only had access to a surveillance camera from a hairdresser near the home of Uncle Pepiit was there that he could see how he left the house with a garbage bag in his hands that he left in the container and then continued on his way.

He indicated that he requested access from neighboring business chambers but received a no as an answer. He denounced that these types of procedures were not carried out by the authorities.

Mejía, 60, alleged that they have only been calling him to tell him “we are investigating.” More than a month ago, in fact, she said that she was called to identify a corpse, fortunately it was not her brother. “I am hoping that, despite the fact that four months have passed, my brother will turn up alive.”

If you know the whereabouts of Uncle Pepicontact your relatives at the contact numbers: 809-867-3971 and 829-924-2261.

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