Directory of Caja de Profesionales will apply salary caps established by the Executive Power

Directory of Caja de Profesionales will apply salary caps established by the Executive Power

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The managerial positions of the Caja de Profesionales had nominal personal remuneration in some cases of between $320,000 pesos and approximately 626,000 pesos.

As a result of the deficit presented by the pension agency, the Board of Directors of the Fund presented to the Executive a proposal referring to charging 4,000 pesos annually to professionals who declare that they do not freely exercise their profession. In any case, the proposal did not prosper.

In the last few hours, the Board of Directors decided to make room for a proposal from the Executive referred to limiting the highest salaries received by managers, which in some cases exceeded those of an Undersecretary of State (that is, a Deputy Minister).

Caps on wages above 245,000 pesos

It was agreed to “apply article 744 of Law 19,924 dated December 30, 2020, (National Budget) with the exceptions authorized by the Presidency, contained in Annex 1 of resolution E/618 dated April 1, 2020. ”

The Budget establishes in its article 744, that: “no natural person who provides personal services to non-state public law persons or state-owned entities in which the State or any public entity has a majority stake, whatever its legal nature, may receive permanent monthly salary income higher than the total remuneration of the Undersecretary of State”, that is, the salary cap should be approximately 245,000 pesos. The National Budget was published by the Official Gazette in December 2020.

The resolution had four affirmative votes, which were those of: the president of the Board of Directors, Virginia Romero; the vice president, Daniel Alza; and the directors Elzeario Boix, Luis González. Meanwhile, the negative votes were from: Fernando Rodríguez Sanguinetti and Odel Abisab. While Blauco Rodríguez Andrada abstained.

The Board of Directors of the Caja de Profesionales, which took office on December 14, released the aforementioned resolution after working on two motions at its meeting held yesterday, Thursday. The first motion, which was rejected by a majority, proposed capping all the salaries of the Caja de Profesionales without exceptions.

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