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Director of Market 4 points against the owner of Feria Aragón and ANDE after fire

The director of Market 4, Juan Villalba, accused the owner of the Aragón Fair for not having made investments to prevent fires, as well as ANDE for taking too long to cut off electricity.

The person in charge of Market No. 4 stated that the incident registered between night and dawn was registered in a private center, such as the Aragón Fair, so it is outside the municipal administration.

“Here what caught fire was a shopping center located in the heart of Market 4, about 6,000 square meters that turned into ashes due to the negligence of the owners who did not invest well,” he said.

He recalled that at the beginning of this year an inspection had been carried out by the Municipal Fire Prevention Directorate, an occasion in which recommendations were provided to implement improvements, which apparently did not occur.

As he explained, the water reservoirs of the Siamese fire hydrants of the private premises had no water due to the power cut, since they work with motorized pumps.

Villalba said that he had already requested the modification of the current ordinance to concentrate control of Market 4 in a single department and thereby unify management with private premises.

He accused those responsible for the Aragón Fair of negligence and incompetence for not having made the necessary investments in preventive matters, demarcating the responsibility of the municipal administration.

“Those 250 or 300 people who are tenants of that shopping center are going to come at me with the problem that they don’t have a space to work when it is the irresponsible owner who has to answer for them,” he told 650 AM .

In another order of things, he again pointed against ANDE for having delayed in cutting off the electricity at the Aragón Fair, thus preventing the firefighters from quickly putting out the flames.

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