Director of Conadi announces negotiating table with foresters to materialize the purchase of land: “Dialogue is going to be our solution mechanism”

The director of the National Corporation for Indigenous Development (Conadi), Luis Penchuleo, announced that the institution will establish various negotiating tables with forestry companies set up in territories claimed by Mapuche communities. This, in order to materialize the purchase process and an eventual transfer of land.

After participating in the first meeting of the new council of the Corporation, which took place in the Palacio de La Moneda and was attended by the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, Penchuleo spoke with Emol, ensuring that the priority of his management will be to sustain a dialogue process that allows progress in that direction.

Regarding how they will purchase the land, Penchuleo anticipated that “the first thing is to sit down at the table, since dialogue is going to be our solution mechanism.” “In some way they are already participating through Corma, but all sectors are going to have to give in. That is what I can say for now, everything is going to be the result of dialogue,” he emphasized.

Once the meeting concluded, the Minister of Social Development, Jeanette Vega, announced that the Government will invest $35 billion to buy the territories requested by the Mapuche people, thus doubling the budget that had been allocated in the previous administration.

“What we expect is that in these years we are going to execute around $75 billion each year. For this year, the lands that we are going to buy correspond to around 39 properties that are already defined, 19 communities that are going to be that they are going to buy their land,” he said.

“We have a challenge, which is that this purchase of land is accompanied by the conditions so that they remain productive. In the event that they have basic services and ensure that the investment of the State around what we are buying, allows remain as productive land,” he concluded.

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