Director 15-01: «Escuela Evangelina Solano no pertenece a Los Alcarrizos»

Director 15-01: “Evangelina Solano School does not belong to Los Alcarrizos”

The director of Educational District 15-01, Santos Martínez Sánchezclarified today that the school Evan Solanoinvestigated by the National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE)for alleged intoxication or supply of liquid, does not belong to the municipality of The Alcarrizos.

Martinez Sanchez pointed out that the school Evan Solana Belongs to Educational District 15-05 of the Herrera sector, located in Manoguayabo New Herdbut does not belong to the demarcation of The Alcarrizos.

This Tuesday, INABIE reported that it is investigating a case about the supply of liquid that affected some school students today Evan Solanoin Los Alcarrizos, West Santo Domingo.

In this sense, the district director of 15-01, said that the confusion was perhaps due to the fact that both sectors adjoin by Caballonaand the affected students were transferred to the Dr. Vinicio Calventi Hospitalfrom Los Alcarrizos, located near the school Evan Solano.

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School breakfast. Reference image, does not belong to the fact.

The National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE), reported this Tuesday that it is investigating a case about the supply of liquid that affected some students at a school today.

The entity specified through a statement that it seeks to establish the “real” causes that caused the event and make the corrections in place. Previously, the students they were sent home, “for not presenting signs of seriousness after being evaluated in various hospitals.”

“Technical teams from the institution were sent to carry out the rigorous surveys both at the school, at the supplier’s facilities, as well as at the hospital centers where the students were transferred in order to guarantee the well-being of the students involved”says the Inabie communication.

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The institution also made available any necessary assistance for schoolchildren and their families.

It transpired that the students were transferred to an emergency for allegedly being intoxicated. The incident occurred at noon on Tuesday.

Those affected were taken by units of the 9-1-1 Emergency System to various health centers in the area.

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