Diosdado Cabello: we redouble the fight against corruption

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, assured that the leadership of the Party is redoubling the fight against corruption.

During the Party’s customary press conference on Mondays, the vice president of the red awning stated: “This Party is revolutionary, we did not take it the first time and under that premise, we have given ourselves the task of redoubling the fight against corruption and confront it in any of its forms,” he said.

In this sense, he announced that the party already has a date for the day of renewal of the authorities. “Surely in the next few days we will report only organizational issues of the PSUV through a press conference,” he said.

In addition, he criticized that there are revolutionary comrades who are afraid of the People’s denunciation.

«There are revolutionary comrades who are afraid of the denunciation of the People, who do not like being told that this is not working and they threaten those who tell them that this is not working; who does not like to withdraw from those positions, well, “he emphasized Hair.

In this sense, he said that those in public office are at the service of the People.

“The People have the right to claim and denounce what they have to denounce and we as a government are going to channel it,” he said.

revolutionary justice

Cabello, also made reference to the case of arbitrarily evicted houses in Villa ZamoraMiranda state, where Mayor Raziel Rodríguez evicted 11 peasant families.

“This Party reiterates the complaint made against the mayor and those who were there in front, so that those responsible for the ecocide pay, but also for the abuse of our people (…) Now these people have their home, a place to plant, a place to study, a place to share, a place to sow Revolutionary Justice!” said Cabello.

Special Economic Zones

In the same way and in reference to the corruption within the Venezuelan opposition, he criticized this sector for giving a negative opinion on the law of special economic zones without knowing about this instrument to the productive development of the country.

“Immediately the right wing jumps and jumps and they begin to get their accounts and the accounts always collide with reality, they come out and give their opinion without knowing the Law, without having bothered to read it, not even the objectives that are set there,” pointed out Hair.

In this sense, he said that while the right wing are opinionated, the governors are happy to initiate what the Law establishes. «Because it is an opportunity for development, progress, for investment and it will always be done in Revolution because those who we are governing is us,” he said.

Tribute to Jorge Rodriguez

On the 46th anniversary of the assassination of the revolutionary leader Jorge Rodríguez, tortured to death while in a police cell, Cabello paid his respects to the memory of a patriot who endured the repression of Punto Fijismo.

He said that the recalcitrant right has tried to silence his memory, but will not be able to do so, and even tries to reclaim the existing monuments that exist in the University City.

“The newly arrived believe that Jorge Rodríguez It is a whim, they are making a scandal for a monument that is 40 years old… They are newcomers to the political history of Venezuela, Jorge is present for his courage, daring and bravery, “he said.

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