Diosdado Cabello: “At this point it is convenient for us to have primaries in the opposition”

During the weekly press conference of the National Directorate of United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), this Monday, the first vice president of the red awning, God given hair He expressed that “At this point it is convenient for us to have primary elections in the opposition; My personal opinion is that there will not be, but it is convenient for us that there are primaries because that will contribute a lot to their internal fights.

Cabello commented that it is impossible for someone from the opposition leadership, fractured and in internal conflict, who called an adeco or copeyano a thief, to come now to ask him for the vote for his candidacy in primaries.

“Imagine that Ramos Allup supports María Corina Machado, who called him a thief, or those of Voluntad Popular (VP) how are they going to support her. Their behavior is absolutely contradictory,” said the prominent leader.

He discredited the results of polling companies, which say that certain opposition leaders have a high percentage of acceptance, when the job of these companies is precisely to say what those who pay for those polls want.

“Remember that Juanito Alimaña had 96% acceptance, it is because that is paid. But what I say here is not going to prevent them from continuing to pay for surveys, they live off of that and it is part of what guarantees that they will be given money.

For this reason, Cabello predicted that the presidential elections, scheduled for December 2024, the opposition has no life. “We are going to elections and we are going to win them.”

In this sense, he warned that the opposition primaries will be a planned failure, even by themselves. “We don’t have to say it’s a failure, they say it among themselves.”

He also left a premonition to the leaders of the right: “In an opposition primaries they will never and will never contribute to the unity of that group and they also have no life.”



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