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Starting tonight, the first storm nuclei would develop in the departments of Chaco and during the early morning and morning of Saturday in the rest of the country. The phenomenon will bring a new drop in temperature, according to the special weather bulletin.

Most of this Friday is expected to be a pleasant day with a good atmosphere. However, starting at night, the first storm nuclei would begin to be registered in the Western region, according to the bulletin prepared by meteorologist Cinthia Espínola.

“During the early morning and the course of the day on Saturday they would advance with the potential to generate rains with punctually intense storms over the national territory,” Espínola explained.

The forecast reaches the 17 departments of the country and the phenomenon includes: accumulated between 40 to 70 millimeters of rain, gusts of wind close to 120 km/h, high-frequency electrical storms and a high probability of occasional hail.

The notice covers tonight and the course of tomorrow Saturday. The zones and probable times of day are as follows:

Center and east of Boquerón, Presidente Hayes, south of Alto Paraguay: from the night of Friday the 13th and until the morning of Saturday the 14th.

North of Ñeembucú, Central and Asunción, San Pedro, Concepción, Cordillera, north of Misiones,

Paraguarí, Guairá, Center and West of Caazapá, Center and West of Caaguazú, West of Itapúa: from early morning until the afternoon of Saturday the 14th.

Center and east of Itapúa, east of Caazapá, east of Caaguazú, Alto Paraná, Canindeyú and Amambay: from tomorrow until the night of Saturday 14.

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