Dina Boluarte

Dina Boluarte, the first female president of Peru

MIAMI, United States. – After the arrest of Pedro Castillothe until then vice president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, became the first president of the Andean country.

Like Castillo, her successor is a leftist leader who grew up in the mostly poor Peruvian highlands.

However, Boluarte has distanced himself from the radical left. “I have always been from the left and I will continue to be, but from a democratic left and not a totalitarian or sectarian one that allows divergence and criticism, and where there are no infallible or untouchable leaders,” she declared earlier this year when she was expelled from the Marxist party. Peru Libre for not sharing the views of its general secretary, Vladimir Cerrón.

Boluarte, who is a lawyer by profession and is 60 years old, was born in Apurímac, in the south of the country, on May 31, 1962.

In 2018, he ran for mayor of the Surquillo district, in Lima, but did not obtain the necessary votes. He exercised a senior management in the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC), which he left due to incompatibility with his positions in the Government of Castillo.

In accordance with The New York TimesUnlike her predecessor, Boluarte does not have a reputation as an agitator.

In December 2021, when Pedro Castillo was facing his first impeachment trial, Boluarte declared: “If the president is vacated, I’m going with him.” He also acknowledged: “Not only have we fought, with compañero Pedro, to win these elections, but we have told the right: they are not going to lower their heads.”

However, just a year later, after Castillo’s third impeachment trial and his attempt to dissolve Congress and decree an emergency government (classified as a “self-coup”), Boluarte assumed power and became the first woman to Peru front.

She was one of the first to react to the former president’s announcement about the dissolution of Congress: “I reject the decision of Pedro Castillo to perpetrate the breakdown of the constitutional order with the closure of Congress. It is about a coup d’état, ”he wrote in Twitter.

“It is up to us, ladies and gentlemen, to talk, dialogue, reach an agreement,” she said in her first speech as president. “What I am requesting is a deadline, valuable time to rescue our country from corruption and misrule,” she added, knowing the political crisis that Peru is going through.

In the last six years alone, the Andean country has had six presidents and two congresses, all amid corruption scandals, political trials and deep divisions between political parties.

According to the political analyst Gonzalo Banda, cited by The New York TimesBoluarte was one of the most stable figures in Castillo’s extremely unstable government.

“I would say that after a year in government, a year and a half, she is no longer unknown,” he said. “On the contrary, I think she is a person who will know how to move in the midst of the quicksand of Peruvian power.”

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