Dina Boluarte case: Final report should be presented no later than November 8

Dina Boluarte case: Final report should be presented no later than November 8

The future of the Vice President of the Republic, depends on the judgment of (Democratic Change), who is in charge of preparing the final report on the complaint against him, which is evaluated by the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of Congress.

On October 21, the group granted Reymundo a period of five business days – which expires on November 8 – to present the document that will determine whether or not the company is disqualified. for the exercise of public office.

The case arose as a result of a report from the Comptroller’s Office that detected Boluarte’s dual role in making arrangements for the Apurímac Departmental Club as a legal representative when she was already a minister.

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Alejandro Rospigliosi, former head of the advisory cabinet of the Presidency of the warned that if with all the evidence collected it is not suggested to sanction the lawyer, “impunity would be verified”.

It would be a terrible precedent, or she was a minister or a representative of her club, the Constitution says so. That has been tested. If Reymundo does not deliver anything on the date to delay the issue, the full Subcommittee can decide to replace it.”, he referred to Peru21.


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