Dina Boluarte asks Congress to shorten deadlines for early elections and make reforms

Dina Boluarte asks Congress to shorten deadlines for early elections and make reforms

The president asked the Congress of the Republic to make the best decisions so that the deadlines can be shortened in the process of that the Executive has raised.

“In response to the citizen claim, I want to ratify my Government’s proposal to advance the elections. From this space I call on Congress to make the best decisions to shorten the deadlines and make the necessary reforms. Here we all go, Executive and Legislative”he pointed.

Boluarte, during his speech at the closing ceremony of the 2022 academic year and graduation of the FAP 2022 class, assured that neither the violence nor the radicalism of “violentists disguised as protesters” will end the Government.

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Along these lines, he reiterated the need for both Congress and political leaders to work for the country, leaving personal interests aside.

“United, firm and dignified, we will achieve the tranquility and stability of a beautiful country like ours that does not deserve more confrontations, but unity, cohesion and the consensus of all”he concluded.

This occurred minutes before the plenary session of Congress began where the summons to the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, José Tello, was scheduled to hear his opinion on the project to advance the elections that the Executive proposed for April 2024, as well as the opinion approved in the Constitution Commission and other initiatives where there is talk of elections in 2023.


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