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For the first time, the institution dedicated to systematizing population and housing statistics will use the tools provided by information and communication technology. This is a step forward to shorten data collection and processing times for subsequent issuance of statistical products demanded both by government offices and by the various actors in the economy, politics, sociology and culture.

The other facet that provides a differential with respect to previous versions of the national census is the incorporation of native ethnic groups to the systematization of population data. Although there is already a fairly defined profile on the 19 ethnic groups of five linguistic families that populate the national territory with some 125,000 inhabitants, never before has the updating of population data coincided simultaneously with the native peoples, their different enclaves and communities. , their degree of development, education and availability of housing, services, access routes and means of communication.

It has always been said that all government action, in whatever area, is much more effective if it is planned based on up-to-date data. This becomes more important if one considers that the country is still coming out of the final stages of a pandemic that caused a lot of damage and produced effects on the population that must be measured. In this sense, the census to be carried out soon intends to assess whether the fertility rate, which was 2.5 births before the pandemic, experienced some expansion or contracted. This is key in every way you want to use this data, from school planning to designing a housing program. It will also provide accurate information on the impact of the pandemic on the mortality rate.

According to those responsible, the 2022 Census is also the one that is making the most consultations to all sectors of the population, as part of the phase prior to execution and with the aim of adapting the data collection tools to the real demand for information. systematized information. On the other hand, the digitization of data will give rise to data packages organized in segments that are easy to consult online.

If this program is fulfilled in all its variables, it will be the first digital and inclusive census in the history of population statistics in Paraguay.

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