Diego's shirt "the hand of God" will be auctioned in London

Diego’s shirt "the hand of God" will be auctioned in London

Diego Maradona at the moment he scored the first goal against England with “the hand of God” (photo courtesy Eduardo Longoni).

The shirt worn by Diego Armando Maradona in the mythical match that Argentina beat England in the World Cup in Mexico ’86, held by former British soccer player Steve Hodge, will be auctioned by its owner in London, according to what the British press revealed on Wednesday.

In this context, according to the British newspaper The Guardian, Diego’s jacket will be auctioned between April 20 and May 4 in a sum that will start at 5,300.00 dollars (4 million pounds).

I have been the proud owner of this garment for over 35 years, ever since Diego and I exchanged jerseys in the tunnel after the famous game,” said Hodge.adding: “It was an absolute privilege to have played against one of the greatest and most magnificent football players of all time.”

The former British soccer player assured that “the hand of God shirt has a deep cultural meaning for the world of soccer, the people of Argentina and the people of Englandand I’m sure the new owner will be immensely proud to own the most iconic football shirt in the world.”

Steve Hodge shows the shirt he exchanged with Diego Maradona after the game from the hand of God source Twitter
Steve Hodge shows off the shirt he exchanged with Diego Maradona after the “hand of God” match (source Twitter).

For your part Brham Wachter, director of Sotheby’s auction house, where will the t-shirt be auctioned told CNN that “this is a historic shirt because it is the one with the goal of ‘the hand of God’, something that marks a unique moment not only in the history of sport but in the history of the 20th century”

According to estimates, Maradona’s jersey is expected to challenge Babe Ruth’s Yankees jersey as the “most expensive ever sold at auction,” at the current record $5.64 million.

This is the first time that the shirt has been on the market, after being exhibited at the National Football Museum in Manchester.

The blue jersey with the number 10 will be on sale between April 20 and May 4 and will be exhibited at the famous Sotheby’s House, located in London.

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