Diego Schalper: «We are committed to moving towards a good and new Constitution in Chile. We will fulfill the word»

The deputy and secretary general of the National Renewal (RN), Diego Schalper, expressed his disagreement with the position of a group of senators from his community who declared themselves in favor of continuing the constitutional conversation through a commission of experts, thus ruling out the possibility to elect, through the ballot box, a new body that draws up a new fundamental charter.

“We are committed to moving towards a good and new Constitution in Chile that allows us to think of a development model that has spaces for freedom, spaces for entrepreneurship, but that is also built on other pillars that are important: a social and democratic State of law, social rights that effectively reach all people. We will keep our word,” he said in an interview with Third.

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After the declarations of a group of senators from RN, Schalper expressed that “the opinion of the senators is a legitimate opinion, but obviously there are many other considerations that we are looking at.” However, the RN deputy did not present a plausible alternative either, although he declared that he is not closed to the possibility of supporting a convention elected by the citizens. “I am not closed to any formula, nor am I afraid of any formula. But for me it is very important that whatever that formula is empathize with the process of change in Chile,” he said.

“We must be open to formulas that have space for participation and direct election. But we will make a big mistake if we do not empathize with a feeling that wants to give participation to people who know, as a guarantee that we will not make the same mistake again to have a text that was not possible to have any type of adherence, because it contained elements that were widely rejected by the citizenry,” added the deputy.

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