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Diego Alonso on the game with Korea: “tight, complex and complicated”.

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Diego Alonso on the game with Korea: "tight, complex and complicated".

Diego Alonso’s team had a performance that was not enough to break the rival’s score. The domain was very distributed despite the fact that it was the performances of the sky-blue team that made the opposing team tremble.

However, South Korea did not allow him to extend the game along the length of the court.

Federico Valverde had two moments in which he managed to get more than one fan to hold their breath. He himself said that in the first half “it was difficult to put pressure on the Korean team” since there were no spaces and “long balls arrived”.

He added that with “will and motivation” they found better plays and stated that “he is proud of the team.” “If we want to achieve what we all want, the big goal, we have to keep improving as a team. I think we did things well, desire and enthusiasm and a little more play” he added.

For his part, coach Diego Alonso considered that the first half was handled by Korea since it was “tight, complex and complicated.”

The two teams disputed the game with all their weapons, but “it’s not about justice, it’s about results,” he added. “We had some opportunities, but we know what a World Cup match is: tight, complex, complicated. We must continue because in three days we play again. We wanted to win, but we have to take advantage of the point for what is to come », he maintained.

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