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Did the government omit data so as not to affect its campaign?: chats ‘sink’ Marito’s candidate

The journalists of the abdist media outlet Telefuturo (Grupo Vierci) are based on the proselytizing campaign of the ruling party, as was demonstrated once again with the participation of the president in the broadcast of the program La Lupa, from the department of Ñeembucú.

The president of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, went to the city of Pilar on Saturday to verify the progress of the Coastal Defense workswhich in its phase A is close to completion, as reported through its social networks.

At the same time, the Telefuturo channel also decided to send its journalists from the program La Lupa to that locality, in order to carry out a public note to the president and an open proselytizing by deploying its weekend programming at the service of the candidate for the Governing Board of the ANR.

The president thus appeared on Telefuturo’s “La Lupa”, scheduled a week ago to be broadcast from the capital of Ñeembucú, to try to counter Honor Colorado’s success in that department.

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Absent from the great concerns that hit the country, the president Abdo appeared with total cordiality on Telefuturo with his electoral campaign.

But as if the television broadcast was not enough, the journalists from the official channel lent themselves to a helicopter ride. According to what was published on Marito’s social networks, he proposed to the abdist communicators that they accompany him to observe the progress of the works in the city. Santiago Gonzalez, Luis Carassale and Estela Ruiz Diaz They were not animated, as can be seen in the video. The one who did climb along with Abdo was the journalist Robert Colonel.

The video was later posted on tiktok and replicated in the other official networks of the president.

This proselytizing publisher and video was highly questioned on social networks, where Internet users strongly questioned this performance.

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