Did Cristiano Ronaldo follow in the footsteps of a Bolivian soccer legend?

Did Cristiano Ronaldo follow in the footsteps of a Bolivian soccer legend?

December 31, 2022, 15:56 PM

December 31, 2022, 15:56 PM

Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Al-Nassr, a well-known team in his area, but not so much internationally. With the arrival of the Portuguese at the Saudi club, the madness for new shirts and followers on social networks began for the club, but, What does it have to do with Bolivia? Well, one of the greatest legends of national football was also in that same club.

Julio César Baldivieso, the ‘Emperor’ came to the same club that today is on everyone’s lips. It happened between 2001 and 2003, when the national player went from Cobreloa de Chile to Saudi football.

At Al-Nassr, Julio scored at least 9 goals in his senior year alone, and then returned to Bolivian soccer in Aurora.

Baldivieso knows soccer in the Middle East. In addition to his years in Saudi Arabia, he also played in Qatar, at Al-Wakra, and led the Palestinian team as coach.

20 years ago a Bolivian had the opportunity to shine with the Al-Nassr shirt, as well as players like Álvaro Negredo, Toni Luca, Nilmar, Cabaye, Marquinhos and Matías Zárate. In 2023 onwards it will be that of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Where does Christian arrive?

To a club that, domestically, has won nine Premier League titles, six Copa del Rey titles, three Crown Prince Cup titles, three Federation Cup titles and two Super Cup titles.

Internationally, the club has won two GCC Champions League titles and the impressive feat of a historic double in 1998.winner of the Asian Cup and Asian Super Cup.

He will have David Ospina and ‘Pity’ Martínez as teammates, if the club decides to stay with them, since the investment of bringing in CR7 covers a large part of the club’s budget.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo follow in the footsteps of a Bolivian soccer legend?

The ball always at ’10’. Baldivieso playing in Al-Nassr.

What is the country, the club and the Saudi footballer like? To answer this, we leave the responsibility to Baldivieso himself.

“It’s something that marked my career, something very nice (playing for Al-Nassr). The fans are passionate about football, I’m still grateful to the Saudi people. I still consider myself a ‘Nassrawi’ (Al-Nassr fan).”

“It’s a different culture, you have to respect their customs. At that time there were many restrictions due to Islam, but I’m still very grateful. What’s more, my youngest son is called Sebastián Nasser, precisely in gratitude to the club that I had the opportunity to be there “. (Nasser or Nassr means victorious in Arabic.)

How do you think Cristiano will do at Al-Nassr?

“He’s going to revolutionize Saudi football. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo is going to make a difference, I hope things go well for him and the club.”

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