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Díaz-Canel will meet with Pope Francis, say Vatican sources

MADRID, Spain.- According to sources close to the Vatican, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel will meet with Pope Francis during a visit to Rome, Italy, scheduled for next week.

The meeting is scheduled for the morning of June 20, two days after the Pontiff resumed his activities, put on hold after being operated on urgently, on June 7, for a laparoscopic hernia, of which is still recovering, the unofficial media reported on Tuesday the seismographwho has a close relationship with the Vatican authorities.

“The Vatican sources consulted by us agree that this is a courtesy visit from the Cuban ruler, and that by the will of both parties it will be a simple meeting, without protocol,” he said. Il seismograph.

According to the information, Díaz-Canel, who will travel accompanied by his wife Lis Cuesta Perazathat same day he will also be received by Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale Palace and then he will meet with Giorgia Meloni, President of the Italian Council of Ministers.

The blog also points out that Miguel Díaz-Canel will continue his trip to France, with the aim of participating in the international conference “New World Financial Pact”, organized by President Emmanuel Macron, on the 22nd and 23rd.

Until now, the official Cuban media have not commented on the matter.

In July of last year, Pope Francis revealed to the chain Univision that he has a “human” relationship with the dictator Raúl Castro and stood up to the “ideologized media” that branded him a communist.

In the interview offered to the US media, the Supreme Pontiff admitted having ties to the Cuban regime, a country he has visited twice since he became pope in March 2013.

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