Miguel Díaz-Canel

Díaz-Canel: on May Day “our people sent a strong message to the world”

MIAMI, United States. — President Miguel Díaz-Canel assured that the Cuban people “sent a strong message to the world” last Sunday, referring to the May Day parades that took place on the island.

“Our people sent a strong message to the world (…) Solidarity cannot be blocked like supplies, food, medicine or even oxygen, which the imperialists denied us at the worst moment of the pandemic,” said Raúl Castro’s successor during an International Meeting of Solidarity that ended this Monday in Havana.

Díaz-Canel took advantage of the forum to denounce the economic and financial embargo imposed by the United States on the island since 1962 and indicated that Washington “intends to deliberately cause the collapse of the economy in order to endanger the daily livelihood of its population.”

“This is a failed policy that will once again fail in its purpose of overthrowing the Revolution and trying, once again, to force our people and Government to give up the effort to build a project of justice and well-being for all,” said the president, whose speech was reviewed by the official newspaper Granma.

“We continue to be the bad example that the privileged fear so much”

The president also maintained that the Island continues to uphold a project for “a better world”, something that —according to him— the enemies of the Revolution fear.

“We continue to be the bad example that the privileged in class societies fear so much, those always determined that a better world is not possible,” he said, to which he countered “that those always determined to conquer all justice, we will continue fighting because a better world is possible”, he added.

Miguel Díaz-Canel also made it clear that Cuba will never bow down or surrender to supposed external pressure.

“Never bow down or give up. That conviction is assumed with all sense of continuity by the generations that, born with and after the Revolution, are assuming the main responsibilities in all areas of our society.”

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