Díaz-Canel calls on leaders to combat “abusive prices” in Cuba

MIAMI, United States. — The ruler, Miguel Díaz-Canel, called this Friday on the top staff of the Cuban regime to combat speculation and abusive prices on the island, which is mired in an unprecedented inflationary crisis.

During a meeting of the Council of Ministers, the president said that it is necessary to go to a confrontation “against those who abuse, against those who speculate and against the illegals”, referring to the high prices at which food is sold.

To confront the speculators, the successor to Raúl Castro indicated that these actions must be carried out “systematically in each municipality and community, and carried out rigorously, without arrogance, with arguments, with the truth and the support of the people,” reported the State Agency Latin Press.

The high prices of food was —according to Díaz-Canel— one of the main complaints of the population in the tours carried out by candidates for deputies through various territories of the island in the weeks prior to the vote on March 26.

The ruler added that “the real solution is to increase the production of goods and services, and ensure that wages have greater purchasing power.”

At the same meeting, the Minister of Finance and Prices of the Cuban regime, Meisi Bolaños, pointed out that price violations are present “both in high-impact products and in social consumption, and the same has been detected in state entities that in forms of non-state management”.

According to the report of Latin Pressthe official described the inspection actions carried out in 2022 as insufficient, and considered that in times of high inflation “it is necessary to produce more, but also to control more.”

In this sense, Bolaños emphasized the obligation of local organizations and structures to confront abuse.

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