Diaz: "A sector of the Judiciary and the media exercises vicarious violence against Cristina"

Diaz: "A sector of the Judiciary and the media exercises vicarious violence against Cristina"

Estela Díaz spoke of violence against Cristina Kirchner.

The Minister of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity of the province of Buenos Aires, Estela Díaz, assured this Monday that “a sector of the judiciary and the media exercises vicarious violence against Cristina” Fernández de Kirchner and seeks to “engage her children and threaten to send them to jail.”

“Vicarious violence is another form of gender violence. It consists of hurting daughters and sons to make the mother suffer. It is what a sector of the judiciary and the media do with Cristina,” Díaz wrote in his official Twitter account.

The minister thus referred to the note published by the newspaper La Nación, entitled “Certainties and doubts of the Christian counteroffensive”where it is assured that the daughter of the vice president, who lacks privileges, could go to jail.

“Now they are intimidating her again by refloating cases that have already been dismissed with the aim of involving her children and threatening to send them to jail. Cristina, in addition to being a great woman leader, is a mother. She takes care of her son, her daughter and her grandchildren “, explained the minister.

Diaz specified that “In La Nación, last Saturday under the title ‘Certainties and doubts of the Christian counteroffensive’, a speculative game was played with the possible prison of Florencia Kirchner, in a case already dismissed and that will now be reviewed by the higher courts that respond to macrismo”.

“This is a new chapter of the persecution and gender political violence that is exerted on the vice president, which had its critical point in the attempted magnifemicide and continued with the annulment of her political rights in a rigged trial,” he considered.

He argued that “the threat to the children was what this same parallel and mafia state did with the former attorney general Alejandra Gils Carbó to force her to resign and appoint the still interim attorney Eduardo Casal, who has not met the constitutional requirements for 6 years.”

“The international conventions of Cedaw and Belem Do Pará oblige States to punish violence against women because it constitutes a violation of human rights“, he pointed out.

He affirmed that “popular mobilization, international denunciation and the firm action of those who have government responsibilities, are the ways to recover the rule of law and the democratic agreement in Argentina.”

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