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Diario de Cuba denounces regime harassment against one of its reporters

MADRID, Spain.- The reporter from Cuban JournalJorge Enrique Rodríguez, was arrested again this Monday by the Cuban regime, which kept him unaccounted for four hours.

the independent media reported that the arrest occurred after Rodríguez denounced the presence of State Security agents in his home, who intended to arrest him.

The journalist explained that he was taken to the Marianao unit, “because of his publications and his direct messages on social networks.”

“They tell me that the things I say are lies. I repeated to them that if they prove to me that I am lying, I will stop doing the direct ones. (…) I told them that they do not take away those who tell lies, they take away those who tell the truth, because it burns them,” said Jorge Enrique Rodríguez.

According to complaint Cuban Journal“Rodríguez has suffered harassment, threats and arrests for his work as a communicator, as well as frequent telephone and internet service outages to prevent him from doing his direct broadcasts, in which he addresses the situation on the Island.”

Last September he was accused of being involved in an anti-government poster that appeared near his home.

Cuba was rated as the country with the most attacks on freedom of the press in Latin America during 2021, according to the report “Shadow of the Red Voces del Sur (RVS)”, with a total of 1,129 alerts of violations of this right. .

The document denounces that the Miguel Díaz-Canel regime “has never shown a serious commitment to fundamental freedoms”, but has given continuity to the “autocratic, violent and profoundly anti-democratic political project that has been cemented in more than 60 years ”.

in september this year Article 19 published a report on the impact of the 11J protests on the exercise of freedom of expression in Cuba. He himself reported that the journalists and the independent journalism projects that operated within the Island had been the great victims of the state repression.

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