DGII reconoce a 17 contribuyentes responsables de la región Norte

DGII recognizes 17 responsible taxpayers from the North region

Santiago.- The General Directorate of Taxes (DGII) recognized today 17 taxpayers of the North Region of the country for having a risk profile with high levels of compliance with its tax obligations and a valuable track record contributing to national economic growth.

By offering the central words of the act, the head of the DGII, Luis Valdez Veras, expressed that with this recognition the level of compliance of the companies is valued, which will take that message to their collaborators that they are responsible taxpayers. Ulises Rodríguez, general director of Proindustria, gave the welcome.

The recognized contributors were the Bonao Savings and Loan Association, from Bonao; Vega Real Multiple Services District Cooperative, from La Vega; Baldera Communications and Services; Altagracia Cooperative and Open University for Adults, Santiago.

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Similarly, the Cooperative of Criaderos del Cibao, from Moca; Plantations of the North, from Montecristi; Hardware store of Jesús Ferredesus, from Nagua; Popular Pharmacy of Puerto Plata EIRL; De León y Asociados, de Salcedo and Telecable Samaná.

Pastas Alimenticias J Rafael Núñez P, from San Francisco de Macorís, were also recognized: the New JAFS Villa Esperanza Service Station and Megaplax, from Valverde Mao, as well as the Momón Bueno Savings and Credit Cooperative, from Montecristi.

While Virtual Connections and Investments Sánchez Rosario (Inversaro) received recognition certificates for joining the Electronic Billing.

The activity was carried out in the Government of Santiago and civil authorities from the provinces of the North region, businessmen and officials from the DGII participated.

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