Dgcim arrested four officials from the Min-Penitentiary

Dgcim arrested four officials from the Min-Penitentiary

Four officials of the Ministry for the Penitentiary Service were captured by agents of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim) in response to an investigation related to alleged acts of corruption, according to military sources.

The arrests occurred between Thursday and Friday when Dgcim agents appeared at the headquarters of the Min-Penitentiary located in the Platinium building, El Rosal, Chacao municipality, Miranda. Patrols of the intelligence agency were still stationed this Friday afternoon at the aforementioned headquarters.

Those captured are assigned to the Vice Ministry for Attention to Prisoners in charge of Yajure Fortunato Gil Ramírez, appointed to that position on April 7.

Apparently, the detainees incurred in forging signatures and forging documents. All this when processing psychosocial tests, an essential requirement for those deprived of liberty to opt for some procedural benefit. These officials allegedly charged prisoners between 100 and 200 dollars for this procedure, according to complaints.

rum sale

The investigation extends to a recently detected network that charges prisoners $20 to allow them to have an hour-long conjugal visit, according to witnesses. This is the case of the Rodeo II Judicial Detention Center, where in addition, the VIP conjugal visit has a cost of 120 dollars, according to the complaint received.

And in the case of the Penitentiary Community of Coro (Falcón) they presumably allow the sale of liquor, among other products. Here is a list that was compiled in that prison establishment.

  • Flour 15 Bs
  • Spicy and vegetable sardine 10 Bs
  • Oil 30 Bs
  • Peas 15 Bs
  • Beans 15 Bs
  • Frutino 6 Bs
  • Cube 5 Bs
  • Maggi Soup 10 Bs
  • Yeskero 7 Bs
  • Cigar 20 Bs and 4 for 10 Bs
  • Chimó Apureñito 10 Bs
  • Chimó Tigrito 5 Bs
  • Dulce de leche 8 Bs
  • Biscuit Paste 8 Bs
  • Biscuit 365 12 Bs
  • Lollipops 5 Bs
  • Bianchi caramel 1 Bs
  • Rubber and enrolled 12 Bs
  • Soft drink 15 Bs
  • Superior (rum) 98 Bs
  • Cinarujon Rum 85 Bs
  • Candy basket 30 and 20 Bs
  • Charmy biscuit pack 15 Bs
  • Pepito 5 Bs
  • Pork rinds 7 Bs
  • Glub cookie 10 Bs
  • Chocolate Tuingo 8 Bs

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