Destruction and 800 thousand pesos stolen after the suspension of a Callejero Fino show

Destruction and 800 thousand pesos stolen after the suspension of a Callejero Fino show

The event was recorded at the Bambú Disco dance venue in Formosa.

A group of people caused damage and stole 800,000 pesos from the collection from a bowling alley in the city of Formosa, before the suspension of a show that the urban artist Callejero Fino was supposed to offer, reported police sources.

The incident occurred at around 5:00 a.m. Bambú Disco dance venue, located at Avenida Independencia 1070, in said capital.

According to what was reported, the singer Callejero Fino, one of the current references of the RKT, was to appear at the bowling alley, but when there were more than 600 people present in the place waiting for the show, it was reported that the cumbia group would not appear .

Also, it was reported that 50 percent of the value of the tickets would be refunded paid, whereupon most of the attendees left the place.

Nevertheless, a group of peopleTotally dissatisfied with what was announced, he began to cause destruction and damage inside the premises, to the point of pounce on a woman who worked as a cashier, demanding his money.

The employee took refuge in the ticket office, forgetting a box where she had the money collected, about 800,000 pesos, whose cash was taken by the people who were incensed.

Discontent of those present moved to the inner courtyard of the property, where a Renault Fluence car was parked, the vehicle’s vehicle resulting in a broken windshield, rear window, both left-side windows, rear-view mirror, and other damage.

The owner of the vehicle tried to remove her car when noticing the damage, resulting in minor injuries caused by blunt elements that were thrown at her.

Minutes later, outside the premises, The Police managed to clear all the attendees.

In a press release published this afternoon on the official Instagram account of the Bambú bowling alley, the company that owns the dance venue blamed the producer “directly” event organizer, Diego Producciones, “for the damages suffered.”

“The violent reaction of the public, before the irresponsible non-compliance of the organizing company of the event, Diego Producciones, when announcing that the artist ‘Callejero Fino’ would not appear, being already late on the night of the event, and that only 50% would be returned of the value of the tickets, caused the violent reaction of the public present”, he pointed out.

Likewise, the company Templum SRL added that “the production of the artist Callejero Fino has already issued a formal statement, informing the public that the refusal to appear at the event at Bambú Disco it was due to the fact that the contracting company Diego Producciones did not pay the cachet corresponding to a previous performance, held that same night in the city of Clorinda”.

for the incidents Three judicial cases were initiated with the intervention of Justice.

Callejero Fino had its historic debut on October 28 on the stage of the legendary Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires.

With 1,800,000 followers on Instagram and recognized as one of the top references on the current scene, the singer built his artistic explosion from the house arrest that he served in his family home in the Buenos Aires town of Derqui.

With millions of views on all platforms and an artistic identity that intertwines RKT sounds with rap and trap, the artist has hits like “Pa Tra Rkt – Remix”, “Tu Turrito” and “Tamo Chelo – Remix”. that they contributed to the reach of their cultural movement.

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