Despite the economic context, 11 of the 35 main actions of the BMV advance in 2022

Despite the economic context, 11 of the 35 main actions of the BMV advance in 2022

The stock exchanges in the world have been affected so far this year by various factors that have contributed to a decrease in expectations for company profits. War, inflation, the supply chain and energy are just some of the main sources of concern.

However, in the midst of this storm that hits from various fronts, some local broadcasters have shown above-average resilience and, in some cases, the ability to generate appetite among investors despite the circumstances. This is 11 signatures, with four advancing above the rest.

Inbursa, at the head

The titles of Inbursa Financial Groupof Charles Slim, have appreciated 47.31% so far this year, from a price of 24.52 pesos in 2021 to 36.12 pesos on Friday. They are far behind BanBajío, with 25.57%, and Grupo Carso, also owned by Slim, with 17.89%, as well as Bimbo shares, with 16.82 percent.

The other components of the index in positive territory so far this year are Coca-Cola FEMSA and the bottler Arca Continental, with accumulated increases of 13.08% and 10.38% respectively, while Liverpool, Operadora de Sites Mexicanos, GAP, Asur and BanRegio earn less than 10 percent.

In the opposite part of the list is Volaris (one of the most recently added to the index) whose share has lost 43.33% from 36.74 pesos to only 20.82 in the last closing. Cemex ranks second with a cumulative drop of 38.10% to 8.66 pesos compared to the record of 13.99 on December 31.

It is obvious that the first two positions are occupied by three companies belonging to the financial sector. In the falls, Volaris has lost ground after having appreciated in the midst of a restructuring process of Aeroméxico and the bankruptcy of Interjet. Cemex’s business has been affected by inflation.

The Mexican stock market showed resistance to the global trend at the beginning of the year, falling more slowly than the US market. However, Wall Street is recovering from bear territory more quickly. The S&P/BMV IPC still loses 9% against 7.24% of the Dow Jones index.

Despite the economic context, 11 of the 35 main actions of the BMV advance in 2022

“Although the US stock market began to fall before emerging markets such as Mexico did, it has regained strength as the US economy shows that it can remain strong in this economic environment,” said the analyst at ATFX Eduardo Ramos.

The expert added that the trend could continue as investors return to bets on assets with higher yields after a period of doubts, but without completely losing the fear of the effects of strong rate hikes to combat persistent inflationary pressure.

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