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Despite the campaign of figures from the Colombian National Team in support of ‘Manga’ Escobar, the Foreign Ministry does not pronounce itself

Several players from the local league and even singers have spoken out about the Caucano’s situation. The Foreign Ministry has not commented.

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What soccer player Andrés Ramiro Manga Escobar is experiencing in Iceland remains complex. The judicial dilemma that he has in this European country after being denounced and prosecuted for alleged sexual abuse is quite delicate.

Given this, other athletes, artists and colleagues have carried out a campaign through social networks seeking the support of the National Government.

Among them, several figures from the Colombian National Team stand out, such as Yerry Mina, Dávinson Sánchez, Duván Zapata, Rafael Santos Borré and Jeison Murillo.

As well as Fainer Torijano, José Valencia, Omar Albornoz, José David Leudo, David Valencia, Sergio Mosquera, Juan Guillermo Domínguez, Kevin Velasco, Jefferson Martínez, Luis Alejandro Paz and others.

Andres Ramiro ‘Manga’ Escobar in Iceland

Those who the publications where ‘Manga’ stated that they had no financial income and little communication with the authorities, have asked the Foreign Ministry to help the Caucano.

News related to the case:

The message published through social networks and with which they joined in support of Escobar was the following:

  • “Machine we are with you. @cancilleriacol you can help him”.

However, so far and beyond the campaign, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not ruled on the case of the Colombian athlete.

What is known about your situation

In March ‘Manga’ posted on social networks that due to his legal situation, he was evicted from his apartment where he lives in Iceland.

«Today I am on the street waiting for help from my government, they have taken me out of the apartment. I cannot work, I cannot return to my country because the Police have taken my passport from me in September of last year, my resources have run out because I have already spent more than 40,000 dollars in this country of which I am a prisoner, “wrote the player in a publication accompanied by his clothes lying on the ground.

According to the athlete, the authorities of that country force him to pay a kind of bail worth 70 thousand dollars, that is, about 250 million Colombian pesos.

“They are forcing me to pay 70,000 dollars for the investigation of a case for a crime that I did not commit, what do I do?” the player asked in his publication.

He added that he has been waiting for his situation to be resolved for some time, but the days go by and his anguish grows:

“I have been waiting 6 months for the case to be resolved and there are 8 more months to make an appeal, they have violated all my rights as a human being, this is worse than being in jail,” he added.

Finally, the soccer player born in the Colombian Pacific, assimilates his present as a hard test of life.

“I will find where to spend the night tonight, they are killing me in the most painful way,” he concluded in his post.

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