Designers and illustrators from Santa Cruz will be the protagonists of the Bolivia BICeBé 2023 Poster Biennial

Designers and illustrators from Santa Cruz will be the protagonists of the Bolivia BICeBé 2023 Poster Biennial

July 11, 2023, 4:00 PM

July 11, 2023, 4:00 PM

The Bolivia BICeBé Biennial of the Poster will be held for the first time in the department of Santa Cruz in its main event, from 20 to 24 novemberwill have important guests from different countries of the world, who will participate with workshops, conferences, talks and, in some cases, with exhibitions of their different works in this field.

A group of visual artists from Santa Cruz will also make their presence felt at this edition of BICeBé, who will talk about their experiences as designers and illustrators, as well as talk about their work in the advertising area. This group is made up of Alejandra Salvatierra, Alfredo Román, Andrea Cuadros, Diana Ramírez, Jorge Gil and Melissa Roko.

Alejandra Salvatierra is a Bolivian illustrator and cartoonist. He studied illustration at the Boloni Academy of Fine (Italy) where he began to self-publish comics together with the Canemarcio artist collective. He currently works as freelancer with publishers for children and advertising agencies.

For Alejandra, BICeBé places Bolivia in the global framework of graphic design, being an already established event with high standards. “Knowledge sharing is also important. and networking between national and international artists”, mentioned Salvatierra, who will participate in the biennial for the first time as a guest. She will give a dynamic talk on the use and importance of references and references in her design process.

For Salvatierra, It is important that the BICeBé takes place in this department, Since Santa Cruz is a city not always recognized for its cultural events, however, it has an interesting cultural movement rich in enthusiasm and great references to national design.

About Andrea Cuadros, this He has participated in graphic design and illustration exhibitions in different countries, such as Bolivia, Spain and Argentina and will participate in the event called Creative Talk, in which They will share everyday situations and experiences.

Cuadros affirms that BICeBé is one of the most important events in the country. “It allows us to be part of one of the most important ‘adventures’ of design and creativity.It is an adequate space to make contacts, learn about new trends and styles that are taking place in different countries worldwide”, says the artist, who also adds that since Santa Cruz is a city in constant growth, it is a very pleasant news that BICeBé has decided to hold the event in this city for the first time.

Finally, Jorge Gil he thinks that BICeBé has a very high importance, not only for the country, but for the entire Latin American area in general, and for various parts of the world.The last editions in which I have been able to participate and have been present, I have seen a lot of participation, a lot of support, a lot of people from different parts, from different continents, with the comfort of feeling in a pleasant space, such as the one offered by BICeBÉ” says Gil, who is a graphic designer specializing in Creative Direction and Art.

Gil added that holding the biennial in Santa Cruz will also allow the different universities, which continue to expand, to share the work of the students and their abilities. “And, of course, attend and participate in these talks by great professionals in the area,” said Gil, who at BICeBé will give a talk about what advertising creativity is making parallels with the kitchen, with the ingredients that one uses daily.

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