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Design begins for the Circular Economy roadmap for packaging in Paraguay

Continuing its commitment to the conservation and care of water, the Coca-Cola company in Paraguay accompanied from the beginning the work that aims to provide impact solutions aligned with its global strategy to care for the vital resource.

The + Green + Water project, executed by the Moisés Bertoni Foundation (FMB) and the National Commission for the Management and Management of Lake Ypacaraí and its basin (CONALAYPA), presented the results this Thursday, December 15. The act was held at the central railway station of Areguá.

For Coca-Cola, +Verde+Agua is a key project for the availability and quality of water, which seeks to increase the quantity and quality of the recharge of the Patiño aquifer through an integrated water resources management model that simultaneously impacts the basin of Lake Ypacaraí with integrated and sustainable actions.

Design begins for the Circular Economy roadmap for packaging in Paraguay

The objective of the project was to improve the recharge conditions of the Patiño Aquifer, in the area in common with the Lake Ypacaraí basin, during the year 2022. During this period, the recovery of forest masses was achieved in 76 hectares, in combination with systems of sustainable soil and water management (contour lines, ditches, infiltration wells, etc.) in high aquifer recharge areas, in addition to the implementation of good agricultural practices.

Within this framework, in its component 1 – experimental recharge plots, the project intervened in four properties that benefit 712 people, and indirectly 70,000 inhabitants. In component 2- government / civil society articulation, it strengthened 64 people and in component 3- behavior change, it reached 4800 people with awareness interventions, addressing the behavior of “segregation of solid waste in the home” through art Social.

Finally, in component 4 – sustainable management model of the recharge plots, 14 community actors participated in the process of devising a sustainable solid waste management model, while 5 neighborhood commissions and 1,000 households are part of the implementation of the model. “Areguá Zero Waste” pilot.

Design begins for the Circular Economy roadmap for packaging in Paraguay

After the presentation of the official data, those responsible for the project and allies toured the intervention areas that were worked on within the framework of the project.

About the project + GREEN + WATER.

The improvement project in the recharge areas of the Patiño Aquifer and recomposition of micro-basins of Lake Ypacaraí is promoted by the FMB and CONALAYPA, with the objective of “improving the quality and quantity of recharge in the Patiño Aquifer, through a model of integrated basin management that in turn affects the Ypacaraí Lake basin”. The project is carried out with financing from the Coca-Cola Foundation and the “Allies for Water” platform. It is also coordinated by the GETF (Global Environment & Technology Foundation). In Paraguay, the initiative is initially implemented in the cities of Areguá, Capiatá and Itá.

Water care and conservation

This project is part of the initiatives to replenish 100% of the water that the company uses to make its products to ecosystems, marking the continuity of sustainable water management in Coca-Cola operations in Paraguay that began in 2017 in the Mbaracayú Biosphere Reserve and favored soil productivity and the infiltration of rainwater into underground sources, benefiting more than 300 families in the area of ​​influence.

Design begins for the Circular Economy roadmap for packaging in Paraguay

In this way, it celebrates continuing collaborative actions that strengthen strategies for the care and conservation of this resource, improving the conservation of groundwater sources, ensuring its quality and availability in the communities where it operates.

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